Samstag, 20. März 2010

Kingdom of Heaven

What are we thinking form the Kingdom of heaven? A lot of people think first at the Church, but did Jesus build the Church?
Jesus came not to establish the church. He never talked about to build the church (The Kingdom of God is not the Church).
He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?
And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God… (Matthew 16:15-16). Upon this I will establish my church (upon this confession, this decision in Matthew 17-19). He wasn’t talking about the church how we know. God lived in the Old Testament, and he brought nothing news for the Jewish.
One of the German Bible sais not church but meeting (“on this rock I will build my meeting”). It shows me a very different view from the church.
Jesus came and establish the Kingdom very different, as the Jews thought, they taught physically (Roman Empire getting destroyed, restore the temple…) but God fulfilled it in a way they didn’t expect it, they thought the Kingdom of God will come (like before the they had earthly kings), with force.
Jesus said if my kingdom come everything else has to go. So God wants to be the important thing and not the only the result, (ex. Christianity is a part of Switzerland, that doesn’t work, that means he is only a result).
God’s Kingdom is spiritually.
Matt 4.17: the very first thing that Jesus said: Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (or is here). Truly repentant is not only to say sorry. It’s really to say Stop doing my way and say I start do you way.
Jesus not he is your personal saver (belongs to me) what we often think, he is the king above all things, but we think a lot this is my personal money, personal stuff and I can use I want. But is this really or things, why we got this? Do we think we are better than the poor form the 3 world county…? He is THE KING and he gave us all this wealth, it belongs to him and he want that we use this for his kingdom.
What does Jesus mean with evangelize? How did it Jesus? He did it with healing the sick, brought food to the hungry; he looked for the in Global need and got engage.
Are we engaged? Or is for us enough when we only to believe? Do we think we are saved with only to belief or do we get engaged with the world? We get engaged with every paper we pick from the floor, every good word we say to a depressed…, if we looked for the need from there we live and try to do anything.
What must I do to come to heave?
Love God and love your neighbor! That is not passive, that means we got a do something for our neighbor. Because we love anyone we are happy to make him Glad. (Luke 3:10) and everyone is our neighbor also people in the poor countries. What must we do?
What is the main massage in the Church? Is it how to go to heaven? Focused and the afterlife? We should be focused about Jesus, but we have forgotten the message from God. Why didn’t he talk a lot form the afterlife? Because he was focused on this earth and not on our salvation! For him is more important to build the kingdom here on the earth. Follower of message, act like Jesus.
The Churches is moving away from the original message and get more and more focused on it what is good for me. Stop focused on yourself it is all about me! We ask a lot in our prayer God what’s your plan for me (self focused), but God ask what’s your (my) will for my your Kingdom. What will you do for me?
How we express our faith? How much money, power, recourse is investigated in our church. Our church should be involved in public work so much money stay in the church, what are we doing with this money? 2% of the money from the church of America goes out in a other country, but what are we doing with the money? Do we build Temples for God…? Is God glad at a building? He gave us the commandant love God and love people, should we not infest this money to help others?

God’s kingdom is new, we can’t it apply with our kingdom! It going challenge to the core (how we watch the world, how we think, how we act…)
Sometimes we think we have the ticked to heaven, whatever…I live my life, I sit back. This ticked is not so sure when we think like this.
How much attention we pay to Jesus, he is the significant person in the bible but why we pay so less attention? Because it will challenge us!
Sometime we think evangelism is into the little box of church; but Jesus did it in the world he had no Church. Or sometime we think the bible is the rulebook of live, manual for live…when the bible is this, it it’s rubbish.
The bible is not what we should think, it is how we should think. We like to say this and this is in the bible and this and this is wrong, so we can judge people about this. But this is not the meaning from the bible, God gave us the bible to study and think about what is in and not only this is in the bible and this not.
How we would live differently if we would die tomorrow? Or we had all recourse in the world, what would be our goal in 20 years? Let’s get started…we have God (all the recourse). But we search our easy live, comfortable…
James 1+2 engage with God. If you do make works you have no faith. Why we ask what do you believe? The people should see what we believe…
People are not listen what we say… They listen what they see in us.
We should live with the hope we can see jutes, that we can make a different, he came to all the creation, the whole creation wart for resurrection.
Eph.2 8-10: We are saved for good work.
Luke 2:7… if you not produce fruit you will be cut down (sharing, food, justice).
This makes people think to say maybe this is the “messiah”, change your live to engage. We are looking for all the spiritual stuff. But he was very practical (bring food to the poor, help each other)

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